Month: November 2015

Perfect Two

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Where are you, my love
I have searched you in the sand of desert,
In the flow of the sea,
In the silverness of the sky,
In the shower of the rain,
In the sight of the eagle,
In the pattern of the stars,
In the glimpse of clouded sun,
Where are you my love, where are you

I am in your heart, my love
I am in every grain of the sand,
In the very  depth of the sea,
Beyond the range of the sky,
In each drop of rain,
In the flight of the eagle,
In the light of the stars,
In the first sunlight that befall on your skin,
I am in your heart, my love. In your heart

This heart is a wounded heart,
This heart is full of sorrows,
This heart is scarred with misery,
This heart is filled with depression,
This heart is infused with worries,
So how can such exquisite and endearing thing like YOU can live in the coldness of this heart

I live in your heart with all your perfections and imperfections,
Nothing is more beautiful than a pure heart,
With all the flaws of the world,
Nothing is perfect in this world,
All your imperfections are perfect,
You are my true desire,
You are my binding destiny, my love
I am In your heart my love, I am in your heart