Fear of Failure: everything that you’ve ever wanted is on the other side of fear

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What are you afraid off?  What’s your greatest fear that blocks your way to ultimate success?

Wants and fear are two vital factors in our life. These are like walking along holding hands with each other. If you want to move on to get to your desire, you’ve to overcome the fear factor. If you want to accomplish your wants, then you’ve to be courageous and virtuous enough to unplug the socket of fear and remember that the only thing standing between you and your future is fear which can eat you alive. It is never too late to have a fresh start. It’s you who decide what right and what’s easy. Many people spend their life dreaming big but they never fulfill these dreams because they let fear stand in their way. To be a successful person it is necessary to overcome the fears. In reality, everything that you’ve ever wanted is on the other side of fear. Fear isn’t a sin because it comes naturally but we can call it as a curse, so we should exercise caution to get rid of this curse. If you let fear stop you from the things that you are passionate about or dream off, then you’ll end up with loads of regrets and failure.

We must throw some light on the people to whom fear was the main obstacle in their goal. Let’s talk about a famous personality, he was thrown out of his High School football team not due to lesser skills or practice but only due to his short height because he was diagnosed with the Growth Hormone. At that point of utmost disappointment, he didn’t let the fear overcome his desire in fact he fought hard and fought back to accomplish his own desire, his own will. He is currently tLondon-Newshe world’s best football striker on the surface of the earth. He is none other than Lionel Messi. He holds most number of Golden boots in the history of football along with the four Ballon Dior’s. I’m not a fan of football but I’m a biggest fan of Messi spirit and strong desire.


The truth is your emotions are your biggest weapon against your fear and if you can control your emotions then you can control your fear and remember that fear of name increases the fear of the thing itself. Eleanor Roosevelt once said, “Do one thing every day that scares you”. So don’t be a fear conscious person. You always have to be yourself no matter what the scenario is. You always have to trust yourself. You know yourself better than any other person and just don’t yourself in the conceptual stages trust yourself throughout the process. If you want to be a fear-less person, then the trick is to think outside the box. If you’ve got the guts to try, then don’t afraid to fail. Anything I’ve ever attempted I was always willing to fail. Fear of Failure is one of the top common success-blockers. Remember every step forward gets you closer to your foal, even if that step is small don’t worry better start small then no start at all because of Fear of Failure. You can’t be paralyzed by fear of failure or you’ll never push yourself. You have to keep on pushing because you believe in yourself and in your vision and you know that it is the right thing to do and success will come. Only failure should be taken into consideration as learning experiences that will lead to better knowledge and new strategies to your road to success. So don’t be afraid of it, embrace it. You have to work hard at what you decide to do. WHY? Because most of the people who want what you want are not willing to make sacrifices to achieve that goal. So if you work harder than the most you’re one step, two steps, ten steps ahead of them. It is important to have fun in life along with the hard-work, of course, but we must remember while partying that someone somewhere is working hard, getting smarter and winning. And here’s the interesting part of this topic: ANYONE can do this. You don’t need a God given gift or to be born with special skills, anyone can work hard, you just have to put your mind into it. Talented people are beaten by those who are willing to work hard. That’s the way it is with everything. No pain no gain so be great and beat the FEAR.


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