A Case of Exploding Mangoes

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This fine piece of true inside story and reflection of history was suggested to me by the head of English Literature Department. After listening to all the Pakistani writers I’ve read he was quite amazed that I still haven’t read Mohammed Hanif.

This cover defines the  assassination.

As the title of book is concerned it perfectly match the story. A case of Exploding Mangoes is literally a case of National Security by General Zia-ul-haq. Most of the events are quite remarkably and fictionally explained well. By reading this book, one can probably figure out that Mohammad Hanif doesn’t like General Zia at all apart from his spiritual mentality. No one can deny that Zia was hell of a smart guy and had a strong sense of humor. Critics says that he was assassinated by America as they sacrificed their own Ambassador on that Pak One plane, by tricking Zia. But the insides, like Hanif, directs the suspicion on the late General’s. Well, whatever may be the case is, the case of Zia died with himself. This book is damn well written. Truly tells us the insides of agencies and their stories which were impossible to spoke off or even believe about. A book filled with thrill, mystery, humor, politics, conspiracy, insides and much more.

My Favorite Quotes from this book:

“Only civilians learn their lessons behind bars, soldiers just soldier on.”

“And I am one of those who oppressed their own souls.”


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