The Witch of Portobello

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The Witch of Portobello… Honestly speaking I don’t have a clue where to start. While writing reviews of other books I already decide, while reading, what to write in review but this book is a SPECIAL case. Its full of UNEXPECTEDNESS. Just remarkably UNPREDICTABLE. Full of spiritual, mystical context. One of the best non-fiction book I’ve ever read in my life “yet”. Well, it’s a biography book but it’s not exactly a biography book as the writer himself hasn’t uttered a single word of his opinion nor the person who is being discussed about, consider it as the collection of perception of people associated with Athena about Athena.

How far would you go for your obsession. Obsession for anything that you dream of or desire of. Because without obsession life is nothing. That’s what Paulo Coelho asks every single one of us. In his every book, he always inspired us with something like struggle, love, religion, pain, freedom and so on. That’s what makes him different from others. It’s like he cares for every single one of his readers. That’s how beautifully he writes, addressing singe one of us like he’s talking directly to me. Whenever I read Paulo Coelho I learn and feel something new. His books brought me to a new world. Well at least that’s what I thought about this amazing writer.

This book as expected was also about Believe, audacity, love, religion and dedication. Athena who was a gypsy daughter and highly gifted one, who was also the Witch of Portobello. She found solace in music, dance as it is one of the way of the communication between the Creator and Creature. She was an adventuress goddess. Her purpose was to fill the blank spaces in her life as to find peace. Who doesn’t want peace? Everyone’s want peace in their life, but most of em are willing to go beyond their capabilities to attain that level of peace. The courage to hold on to one’s motive and all the sacrifices it requires a person to find peace! That’s what Athena taught us. She taught us that we are who we believe ourselves to be, how to love without being physical, how to talk without uttering a single world, how everything is revealed to you without knowing anything at all, once you’re devoted to something start doing what you want to do and believe in God, how to see with your eyes closed, and the most important thing she taught us is “Patience”. Why patience, coz it makes us pay attention into the little and the most worthless of the things, we consider. That’s what life is, living moment to moment. Focus on your present coz future is guided by the decisions you make in present. I wished that I wouldn’t have read this book so that I could read it once more without knowing what would happen, again and again. I love this Witch of Portobello

Why do you love me?
She replied, “I don’t know and I don’t care”

Love simply is.


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