Shimmer of Diamonds

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It is the invisible reminder of invisible god,
God is invisible to those who don’t search for Him,
Yet I found God in these each drop of Rain,
Some people feel each drop of rain,
Whilst others just get wet,
Rain isn’t just the prickles of water droplets,
its more than that,
There’s a reason behind every drop of rain,
Something bigger and stronger,
Something far away from our understanding,
Something deeper than the force of the Universe,
Something which eyes cannot see,
I cannot tell you how It looks,
but I can tell you how it feels like…

Let the rain kiss you,
Let the rain beat upon your head with silver liquid drops,
Let the rain sing you a lullaby

Each drop was a scar on my skin,
Each drop deepened in my flesh,
Enlightening up my soul to the new world of endless wonder,
far away from pain and pleasure,
far away from peace
This rain wasn’t just pouring down on me like leaves on grass,
This was more than that,
Each drop was getting ‘neath my skin, to my soul,
shaking it up, waking it up and,
telling it just to feel this rain and live the moment
This rain doesn’t wet me,
This wind doesn’t move me,
I with my hands wide open will wet this rain with my passion and gusto,
Will flatter this wind with my valor and audacity,
I will not just remember this moment,
I will live through this

You can only understand rain;
Close your eyes and then see,
listen to the songs of rain through your ears,
the messages in those songs,
conveyed by the Angels of rain,
smell the aroma of freshly wet dirt with your nose,
taste of wet dews with your tongue,
It is merely the blessing of God
These drops of shimmering diamonds,
puts my inner self at peace,
that inner self which can’t be touched or seen,
these aren’t just the drops of water,
These are wisdom of Ecstasy,
This is Eternal Heaven…


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