Veronika decides to Die

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Every single book you read of Paulo Coelho you’ll find yourself in a situation where you face yourself with whether your fears, your destiny, your desire, your personal legend. While reading you’ll realize that you are destined to read those exacts words at the right moment in your life when you really needed them. You’ll feel that the only person who really understand your life or the phase you are stuck in your life is Paulo Coelho and he’ll give you solutions of your problem in some exotic awesome ways. Yes, Paulo Coelho is still a mad man coz he had been released from the mental hospital so he could do anything he wants, anything he loves without giving a single fuck what others think about him and yes that’s why he’s Awesome!

This book isn’t a straight forward story yet it’s one of the best stories I’ve ever read apart from the ending which was well less awesome. The first thing that caught my sight while in a bookstore is, “every second of existence is a choice we all make between living and dying.” The only problem with this book is, it’s damn short. The writing, no doubt, is exceptional. Just like the other spiritual stories, this is the story of finding your inner self, putting yourself at ease, diminishing all negative thoughts and doubts about yourself, facing your fears, living each moment of your life as though it’s your life and that makes the life interesting, get out of your routine life and do something different, something extraordinary, just be YOURSELF. Yes, you can do anything you set your mind to.

I’m in love with every character Paulo Coelho have ever introduced, Veronika, Athena, Santiago, Maria. They all taught us a very unique and worthy lesson in their own distant way. They all taught us something worth remembering and something worth trying whether living each moment as your last, being who you are no matter what others think about you, realizing your Personal Legend or finding your inner self. I believe the only problem with the people is that they don’t usually get Paulo Coelho.

FEAR. Fear of failure, fear of success, fear of death, fear of being wrong, fear of any single thing. Human beings are like that; we have almost replace every emotion with fear. It is the worst of the enemies that human being ever faced and we all face one way or another. It’s one of the things that eats and kills the man from the inside from his/her soul and it’s the worst of the diseases. Only person who can cure this disease is us. we have to be courageous and virtuous enough to unplug the socket of fear from our bones from our soul and it’s the only way to survive. You’ll never know what’s beyond your own capabilities if you never gonna try.

Every day is a new day. Every day is a miracle. We can find God in every single moment of our life if we really want to see Him. It’s a wonderful life. LIFE, it’s the best thing that ever existed so as the DEATH. You’ll only know how to Live when you learn who to die. Life grows from within as well as from the outside when you divide yourself with others, with strangers. Open yourself to Love. Love yourself, Love people, Love nature.

It’s a risk to love,
what if it doesn’t work
But what if, it does?


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