My Best Friend

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I know that I am messed up,
but you never let me give up,
You were there for me when I was alone,
You put light in me when I was filled with darkness,
You put hopes in me when I was desperate,
You understand me like no one can

Those long rides not knowing where we were going,
letting the destiny guide us,
not caring about the future coz believing that everything’s written,
Those long walks discussing our memorable past and present,
not a single word from mouth but still busy in a deep conversation in the crowd,
having all the dirty jokes to ourselves,
and laughing like it’s the last laugh of our existence,
living each moment like it’s our last,
making fun of ourselves among others but still not caring,
connecting with each other origins to know each other from soul,
Yeah I remember
Yeah I remember

When my wings were broken,
when my hopes were crushed,
when my dreams were scattered,
you gave my everything I lack,
just like you gave me your everything,
I promise that I will do that same for you,
I’m gonna stand by you in heaven or hell,
with my heart, with my soul

I never had no one
I could count on,
you stand by me,
and you believe in me,
like nobody ever has,
when my world goes crazy,
you join me and make it double crazy,
you make me feel alive again,
I’ll miss you my best friend
I’ll miss you my brother


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