The Devil & Miss Prym

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This amazing 201-page thing is more like a Holy b00k to me. Not just this book but every book written by Paulo Coelho. It’s something different, something out of the box, something extravagantly awesome, something that can shake your soul from inside out. No matter the story either a person finding his personal legend or a woman fighting good vs evil, there is always something left in between, something left unsaid, something of a gap un filled and Paulo Coelho fills this gap of questioning and doubts. Every book you read by Paulo Coelho, you’ll at least find a single thing that will put you in deep reverie just like this Holy Book, The Devil & Miss Prym.

The writing of Paulo Coelho is always kind of mystical. He’ll take a simple topic of discussion and will try to explain into such a way, from such different angle that you haven’t had witnessed before. You’ll see those things from different angle, with a sense of sensibility.

Good vs Evil, Angels vs Demons, God vs Devil. How cliché it looks right? Think again!

It’s not a question of judgement but of a mere thought everyone should ask their souls. Think outside the box either you are a religious person or not. This book is not about the story but what the words are saying to each single one of us. Focus on the words. Everyone will feel like this book is especially made for every single of us and it’s not just a mere chance that we read this book randomly but in fact we were destined to read it at precisely the moment when we really need to hear or read every single word written in this book. Remember, nothing in this world happens by chance.

I really loved this book coz it provoked my soul to ask the questions of right and easy, good and bad, light and darkness. It’s never too late to have a fresh start. Whenever I’ll be tempted to react in the same old evil way I’ll ask myself whether I want to be a prisoner of the past or a pioneer of the future and if the answer is latter then just like Ahab I’ll try to control myself.


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