The Notebook

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‘True love is born from hard times of life’. That’s the theme of The Notebook. All love stories are same. Indeed. Yet in each of love stories we found their own pattern, passion, charisma, moments, desire, hope, love. As was the case with the love story of Noah & Allie, Lon & Allie. Allie was in love with both of them yet both type of love was different from each other.

Love comes like a drizzle and goes away like a hurricane, taking everything with it, your life, your nights, your dreams, your heart, your soul. This book brought both happiness and sadness at the same time. Nicholas Sparks, so masterly wrote this book, so perfectly placed the words in perfect lines that it was without any doubt, just Perfect. This book was short, slow, tragic, happy, crazy and just Perfect. In fact I don’t like reading love stories but what can I say about Nicholas Sparks. He has charmed me with all the words and memories that words brought with them. All the perfections and imperfections of these books were perfect. Even though I’ve used the word Perfect so many time but it was ever truly, Perfect.

At the same time love doesn’t grow deeper into its roots if not for the lonely nights. A person never forgets its first love. When loves come towards us, we only see its light not its shadows. Yet these shadows are the most essential and critical phase of any relationship. The couple who survives these shadows can survive anything that life throws at them. True love is so hard to find but if you ever find it, never, ever let it go because there’s nothing in this world like, True Love.

It’s the same question in each and every love story:

It is a risk to love.
What if it doesn’t work out?
Ah, but what if it does.

Never ever be that person who is afraid of falling in love or even a long distance love or even such a love where the other person doesn’t love you. Even though it’s a risk but it’s a risk worth taking even it brought only few days of joy and years of pain. Be like a melting snow in those times. Never cry if it ended, be happy that it happened. It will teach you something deep, something unreasonable, something illogical, something called Love.


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