Freedom of Religion

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Do I really want a religion in my life?

Who should I turn to,
Jesus, Allah, Yahweh, Buddha, Herne, Apollo
What should I read,
Bible, Quran, Tripitaka, Gita
What should I pray,
Salat, Mantra, Glossolalia, Prārthanā, Ardas
Where should I pray,
Synagogue, Mosque, Temple, Church
When should I pray,
with moon phases like in Wiccan,
five times a day like in Islam,
six times a day like in Benedictine,
three times a day like in Judah,
four daily adorations to the sun like in Thelema,
before or after an important task like in Sikhism,
Where do I take all my offerings and pleas?

Surrounded by all the religions,
the hatred of one religion for the other,
the killing of people coz of discrimination of religion,
Havoc coz my God is greater than your God

I’m afraid to step into any religion,
to tied down to one belief,
we are not doing any more good,
than being spending blood and more blood in the name of religion

I want to live in the world of Peace,
A world without Wars of God,
A world of one God for all religion, thus
There is no God but God






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