The Wedding

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Disappointment. At first. Not because it was bad but because The Notebook had put my hopes so much high for its sequel The Wedding. It was good but not that good. But it was definitely longer than needed. The characters were immensely clarified but not in an artistic way but rather in an obligatory way. I mean the characters were explained just for the sake of explaining not in a way of taking each character step by step as I’ve read in different books. But all in all it was long and dry and straight forward at first but just before the end it took an unpredictable turn which was unexpected but was Great.

If you compare both the books, you’ll find The Notebook more romantic and tragically sweet. I must say that the sequel wasn’t needed rather it was bestselling just coz of the first part. They writing was ever so simple. The characters were ever so simple. The story was ever so simple. Nothing extraordinary in this book. Everything was ever so simple and sweet not that romantic though. If you are looking for romanticism, it’s just not it.


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