Month: April 2016

I Am a Dreamer

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In the End we’re all just Dreamers in an endless Universe

I dream of a perfect life;
a life without sorrow,
a life without pain,
a life without poverty,
a life without classes,
a life without status,
a life without color,
a life without Death

This life is like an incomplete song,
a song of despair,
a song of loneliness,
a song of hopelessness,
a song of hollowed feelings,
a song of colorless rainbow,
a song of autumn leaves,
a song without a song,
a song without a Life

I dream of a perfect life;
a life full of hopes,
a life full of passion,
a life of peace,
a life of happyness,
a life of myths,
a life of dragons,
a life of witches,
a life of love,
a life of my Dreams

I kiss each drop of rain,
that befall on thy skin,
I absorb all the golden rays,
transported by the golden shining earth,
I follow the shadows of myself,
in the mystic light of darkness,
I flow with the smooth tides,
that cripples on the oceanic beach,
I dance with the flow of the wind,
that swooshes through my body to my soul,
I am not the center of the universe,
I am the universe itself

Call me a mad man, but
I am a Dreamer,
I believe in the beauty of my dreams,
I create and live in my own world,
I see the dawn before the world,
Leave me to dream, hoping
that one day you’ll join me,
and the world will live once again,
I am a Dreamer and i;
I live a Dream within a Dream


An Abundance of Katherine’s

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Some books are worth reading while others are worth thrown into the sea. and i’ll choose the former in this situation. I know that I’ve made mistakes in this life but If I was being reincarnated, I mean in the next life I will never read this book.
It was a quick read. I didn’t enjoy it that much as I enjoyed Looking for Alaska or Paper Towns. I know most of the YA are meaningless, I mean they don’t have a much distinctive and unique center of story. By far, the less appreciable book I’ve read of John Green because of the fact that the book was hollow from inside. By hollow means, no plot, no exceptional characters and the characters which are described, well sooner or later you start to hate all of the characters. Why you hate the characters? (1) They don’t make much sense referring to the story (2) Characters especially Colin, it just over exaggerated. He kept whining and whining and it made you just… angry (3) Characters were boring other than Hassan or Lindsey. It was funny and humorous but wholly, it was… well to put it into words, boring. Well I did laugh at some points but It was just vaguely. It’s kinda self-help book for getting over a break up. I mean who the fug is interested in anagrams or mathematics theorem. God its BORING. Even writing this review is boring. Well I’ve used the word boring so many times that this review seems more boring. Just estimate how boring the book would be.

The one thing which really put me in deep reverie was that sooner or later we all matter. Maybe not in the books or publicly but we all exist in each other. By each other I mean the people we know, the people who know us. All the people we ever came across with always took a part of us in them. So in the end, we all matter and we all live even after death cuz what is death? Death is, but the next great adventure. Never ever spend your life impressing others cuz it doesn’t matter what other think of you but it does matter what you made them think about you. What you really are, your inner self. That’s what they’ll remember not your fake perfections.


Chasing Dawn

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The breezes at dawn have secrets to tell you
Don’t go back to sleep!
You must ask for what you really want.
Don’t go back to sleep!
People are going back and forth 
across the doorsill where the two worlds touch,
The door is round and open
Don’t go back to sleep!

Scattered white and grey clouds, light drizzle, perfect weather for a dawn walk. The quietness, the peace, that is what inspired me to take a walk on this cloudy-rainy weather. Not even a single chirp of a bird or the song sung by rooster. Previous night was hell of a show as I followed the clues of destruction left behind by the last night hurricanes. Sweet destruction, more appropriate to say, as the ground is showing a clear reflection of distracted sky. Everywhere I look, it’s a sight of Heaven. The moon is in its last phase, few stars are visible, soaking every moment they could before they hide behind the glory of sun. I can forecast the weather; it’s going to be Awesome day.

Empty basketball and volleyball courts, empty cricket grounds. Empty swings being swung by the chilly breeze. The grass is damp, oh the feelings it gives when you walk on it barefooted. Flowers are ripe and blooming with sweet love, spreading everywhere. Water drop by drop, tear by tear, dripping of the leaves. Everything looks fresh as its been born overnight. The crunchy sound it creates when you walk on the fallen leaves. Oh the voice of each rustle of a leave, they are fulfilling their purpose even after they are broken down. They are keeping me at peace.

The sun is rising ever so slowly enjoying every bit of what moon left. The birds are ever so excited. My soul is screaming for a single touch of golden glimpse on my skin. Swan taking bath in crystal clear water. I love when the dogs fly and the cats bark, see my world is upside down. You might call me crazy but believe me I’m not crazy I’m just out of my mind. Some people never go out of their minds. What truly horrible lives they must lead.

At last, the glory rises with its golden wings covering the whole sky. The sunshine on my face is warm enough to make my heart sing and my soul dance. My whole body is directed towards the sun, soaking every single breath of sun. my body is shivering with the warmth touch of sun. My one eye sees while the other feels every moment. Most people don’t understand that every single day is a miracle, every single second is a blessing. Beauty is indeed in the eyes of the beholder.

“Go tell the majestic sun
to preserve its precious rays,
We’ll teach the core of our own beings
 to glow with its light”