I Am a Dreamer

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In the End we’re all just Dreamers in an endless Universe

I dream of a perfect life;
a life without sorrow,
a life without pain,
a life without poverty,
a life without classes,
a life without status,
a life without color,
a life without Death

This life is like an incomplete song,
a song of despair,
a song of loneliness,
a song of hopelessness,
a song of hollowed feelings,
a song of colorless rainbow,
a song of autumn leaves,
a song without a song,
a song without a Life

I dream of a perfect life;
a life full of hopes,
a life full of passion,
a life of peace,
a life of happyness,
a life of myths,
a life of dragons,
a life of witches,
a life of love,
a life of my Dreams

I kiss each drop of rain,
that befall on thy skin,
I absorb all the golden rays,
transported by the golden shining earth,
I follow the shadows of myself,
in the mystic light of darkness,
I flow with the smooth tides,
that cripples on the oceanic beach,
I dance with the flow of the wind,
that swooshes through my body to my soul,
I am not the center of the universe,
I am the universe itself

Call me a mad man, but
I am a Dreamer,
I believe in the beauty of my dreams,
I create and live in my own world,
I see the dawn before the world,
Leave me to dream, hoping
that one day you’ll join me,
and the world will live once again,
I am a Dreamer and i;
I live a Dream within a Dream


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