The Diary of a Young Girl

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Today, I’m the happiest and most blessed person on this planet. You won’t believe what happened today. This happened after three weeks of torture, misery and relentless. History will remember this day. It is one the eighth miracle this world has ever seen. Songs will be sung. Anthem will be played. The air will be filled with gusto and celebration. National holiday will set. Birds will chirp the songs of glory. Children will dance in the misty night. Because Today is the day I finished this parasitical novel, the diary of a young girl written by parasitical thirteen-year-old girl, Anne Frank. I don’t know why she’s the most talkative victim of world war cuz her diary isn’t the one giving proper illustrations of the scenarios of Hitler rule. In fact, it was just another diary the girls wrote before the age of puberty.

The whole book revolves around this Anne Frank, a thirteen-year-old girl. Who wrote her diary just for the sake of writing, nothing else. It wasn’t supposed to be published but it did and it was one of the most tragic incident in that era even higher tragedy than the World war itself. This book is only suitable for girls between 11-14. This book was, entirely, the daily life and regular activity of Anne Frank. What she did or whom she talked or what did Nazis did and blah blah but one of the most boring and frustrated thing was; long conversations with herself. God, she really talked too much with herself. It was pathetic and well pathetic but not in a pitiable way. I really didn’t like nothing. Not even a single chapter or single day of her life or single word she used. Only God and I know how I finished this worth disparaging book.

Those who are currently reading or is deciding whether to read it or not all i can say is; May the Gods be in your Favor.


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