Eleven Minutes

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2016-05-07 11.57.58

There is always that one book which you can read again and again and again and still don’t get enough of it. it’s like a cigarette which will drag you to hell, like morphine, like nicotine. I’m addicted to this book cuz I never get it enough. Not when I first read it, not when I read it for the second time neither the third time. it’s just the matter of time till I read it for the fourth time. it’s not that I don’t get it the first time or the second time, it’s just that, I believe that, ‘Books just like living organisms need to breath to stay alive

To me, Paulo Coelho is a creative genius and a magical artist which can turn anything into a spiritual lesson. In short, Paulo Coelho gives me Hope. I never get tired of reading his script. Because his every book is a new journey, a new lesson, a new face of life. No matter how super busy you are, you always find time to read any of Paulo Coelho’s book. It’s like universe wants you to read his books.

Eleven Minutes, isn’t just like any other erotic, masochism, sadism or romance (it’s not appropriate to say romance though) novel. It is one of its kind. It is something different, something never heard or read before, something never discussed before. Something that people think thousand times before discussing this topic, in viewing other people judgement and opinion but Paulo Coelho’s, quite frankly didn’t give a DAMN. He’s just true to himself and anything other than himself doesn’t matter to him and that makes him Fuggin-AWESOME. The road to God (The Pilgrimage), To stay true to yourself (The Valkyries), Good vs Evil (Devil and Miss Prym), Following your Dream and realizing your Personal Legend (The AlChemist) and dozen novels just like these, Paulo Coelho touched a critical and fragile topic that stood the worse of time, Sacred Sex; Is Sex Sacred? Fasten your seatbelts cuz that’s what the whole book revolves around with a slight taste of love, joy, suffering and pain.


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