Jannat Ke Pattay

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When you read a good book, correction, a fabulous book, you think that you haven’t read any amazing book like this in your entire life. It becomes a master piece and found its place on the top of your book rack till you found something more amazing than before and in this way the circle goes on.

This amazing piece of book is written by Nimra Ahmed which is, in reality, the sister of top selling author of Pir-e-Kamil, Umera Ahmed. It is my first Urdu literature novel and rightly so it was worth all the praise and glory. The writing of Nimra Ahmed is casual I guess, cuz as its my first Urdu novel and I really don’t know about Urdu writing, but still the most amazing factor was her story which attracts her readers especially me. I’m not a story loving guy, I focus more on words then the sentences.

To start off with the title, “Jannat kay Pattay” mind blowing and awesome. This adventure will take you to, two countries; Pakistan and Turkey. You’ll know the language, places and cultures of both the countries. The most intriguing feature about this book was the curiosity Nimra Ahmed kept till the end. A true page turner. Instead of two or three main characters in the book, the writer presented its reader with many characters and with many characters comes more stories of each character which makes it more interesting, a little bit complex but interesting. But the fun part is, in the end you’ll observe that the whole time you were just chasing your tail.

There are two parts of this book printed in the same edition. In the first half, the narrator of the story is Haya, while the rest half is narrated by Jehan. You’ll know who these characters are once you start reading this book. This book came in my life like a hurricane and diminished my sleep, my hunger, my extra-curricular activities, my life, my every single thing, not in a creepy way. And I believe it’s the best thing that ever happened to me.

I believe with all my heart that a day will come when this book will be translated into English, and this book will rule the brains and heart of people outside Asia, too. I personally feels that this book brought character, spiritual, religious change in me and I believe someone somewhere out there, too, would be feeling the same thing.

Since I’ve read Looking for Alaska by John Green (btw it was awesome too) I’ve been asking myself the same question every day, “How to get out of this Labyrinth?” I think I’ve finally found the answer I was looking for. I was looking the answer from people or google but the whole time the answer lied within me.

Words are not enough. In short, “I feel Infinite.


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