The Silver Linings Playbook

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“If clouds are blocking the sun, there will always be a Silver Lining that reminds me to keep on Trying!”

It was definitely not a romantic book. Consider it as an obsessive book. It was a light and fun book. It wasn’t what I expected cuz I didn’t expect anything from this book that’s why I’m not disappointed and I’m glad I didn’t expect anything. Half of the book was composed of football and the other half consists of Nikki which is the ex-wife of the protagonist, Pat Peoples.

The whole book revolves around Pat reuniting with his ex-wife after the apart time gets over. Pat spends eight and a half months in mental neural asylum cuz he was considered dangerous and mad after he caught his ex-wife cheating and he beat the shit out of his ex-wife former lover and current husband which was a colleague of Pat in school where they taught English and History respectively. Anyways, since he left the “mad place” he changed his life according to the way Nikki likes. Like losing weight, having a perfect body, learning how to dance and bla bla.

And yes there is another character, Tiffany which is also like Pat as they both lose their other half in some tragic way. And hence as they both had spent some time in the “mad place” one way or another so they do understand each other very well. And whether I tell you or not, you pretty much had the idea with the title The silver linings playbook, that in the end everything will sort out with Pat and his silver lining cuz he’s an optimistic person and he views his life as a movie and he also believes that his life will end with a happy ending.

Yeah that’s pretty much it. All in all, the book was boring and at some point dry where the football part comes. In short, Thank God it’s over.


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