If today is my last Day

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If I know today Is my last day,
I’d do things a little differently,
I’ll live each moment slowly

I’ll rise before the sun;
and hear the echoes of the Azaan,
the chirping of the birds,
the melody of the wind,
the trance of the clouds,
with a cup of tea in my hand,
and will watch the slow and everlasting glory of the Sun

I’ll walk on wet dew drops fallen on thy soft grass barefooted,
I’ll taste those dews of heaven from my burning eyes,
I’ll sip those dews of heaven from my warm-parted lips,
I’ll run on this heaven so slowly,
cherishing every step,
I’ll run until my lungs burst for breath,
I’ll run until my legs won’t work,
I’ll steal every step until I fall on the ground,
I will feel those wet dew drops,
from my body through my bones to my soul,
shaking and walking it up, telling
not just to feel but live the moment

I’ll sit the whole afternoon ashore the beach, on wet sand
cherishing the cold wind and the golden rays of sun,
dipping my feet in the water, travelling the whole world
whilst reading my favorite book

Late afternoon, hand in hand long walk on the beach,
leaving nothing but our footsteps,
slowly fading away by the slow tides of water,
standing beside her, hand in hand, breath with breath,
hands wrapped around her waist,
nose sipping into her hair,
lips touching her warm neck,
my life would’ve been incomplete without her
from the moment I saw her till my last breath, telling
how much I adore her, cherish her, Love her, ALWAYS
with blazing eyes following her sparkling eyes,
with endless wonder and with infinite love,
watching the Dying Sun… 


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