The AlChemist

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There comes a time in life, when sitting miles away, you miss your lover, and your head is all noisy with all the words you would’ve said or wanted to say to them which you assure yourself that you will say it to her. But when you finally had the blessing to meet them and are sitting in a warm restaurant on comfortable seats looking directly into her eyes and you try to tell them of all the things which your heart is saying and its tearing your chest out and its speaking so loudly but not even a single word could be delivered from your lips. At that instance, all the words are spoken through your eyes and with the love you have for her, she understood every single word. This is the universal language of the universe which everyone understood because everyone has loved someone something in their life and that makes them to understand the soul of the world of which they are made of and where they will return.

That’s what I felt after reading The AlChemist, speechless, stupefied, petrified, mortified. It’s not the first time I’ve read this master piece of art and it definitely won’t be the last. Some may be waiting desperately to know what the treasure was that Santiago was searching but all I can say is, it’s never about the destination, it’s always about the journey. That’s what I’ve read, that’s what I’ve observed, that’s what I’ve learned and that’s what I’ve experienced.

Books reviews like The AlChemist can never ever be explained or summarized in few hundred or thousand words. All we can do while being on the journey with Paulo Coelho is feel every single word. Every single word was like an explosion on my heart freeing myself from myself. It, itself is a Philosopher’s stone and Elixir of Life.

I believe that no matter what I write, I still can’t write enough. I wanted this review to be just perfect like this book but it can’t be. They say nothing is perfect, and nothing is AlChemist. That’s the beauty of AlChemist. Simple, You don’t need words to explain.

All I want to say in the end that, I read it somewhere, “If you don’t understand what Paulo Coelho was talking about, its alright. It’s not your fault. One cannot miss something they never had. One can never love something they never felt for. One can most definitely not understand something they don’t have any experience of.”


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