The Rain

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Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass. Its about learning how to dance in the rain.

With the month of July;
Comes the rumors of rain,
Silently whispered by the Angels of Heaven

With this rain, I hear the thunders of more rain yet to come,
The lightening cracks up the ground and sky and everything that exists in between,
the black clouds are ruling the sky,
blocking the whole sun with all its evilness,
quenching its last breath in its heart filled with darkness

The first drop of rain;
is a promise of more tears yet to be shed,
is a sign of hope, audacity and generosity,
is a constant act of struggle,
is an omen of future to embrace,
is a song unsung,
that spreads the aroma of wet dirt across the town,
Ah, this charismatic smell makes me feel soft and strong,
to regain the missed opportunities,
to rejoice the feelings and memories long forgotten, and,
time to relive the lost love!

This rain is dancing with the children,
putting smile in their eyes crawling to their lips,
the rain in which I breathe in,
welcoming it with my arms wide open,
is falling on thy skin,
the soft touch of rain;
kissing everywhere it reaches

Just like a phoenix born from its ashes,
Sun again rises and attains its authority over the dark clouds, but
The memories that beautiful disaster left;
Oh, the rain. It rained on my soul!


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