Walking on the Clouds

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Is Death just a beginning?
can escape is the only way to escape?

We spend our lives, fearing our deaths;
Scared of inhaling, that final breath,
Scared we may die, in the blink of an eye,
It is a consistent thought, throughout our lives.
It’s our destiny to die,
we cannot stop our fate, no matter how hard we try,
So rejoice in the fact, you’re alive right now,
For tomorrow you may be floating away into the clouds,
going away, far away from this place,
where you cherish your first breath,
where you took your first step,
where you spoke your first word,
where you learn to love,
where you grow old,
the place you love more than anything,
Love wins, love always wins,
once you learn how to die,
you’ll learn how to live,
Love is the only rational act

If you must love, love yourself
and thy people who you know and who you not,
who you love and who you not,
cuz in the End, what really matters;
Love, Kindness, Honesty, Prejudice
Swallow up your pride, be notorious
Dig down, dig deep down and find your inner-self,
Learn how to love and how to let love in,
Love increases when its multiplied,
we can illuminate our grim graves by
good deeds done in this phase of life

The worst part of dying is,
dying without leaving a legacy behind,
Dying is not the end,
it’s just the start of a new life, a new chapter,
yet to be explored, yet to be read,
full of adventures, full of heaven

This life is like a movie, whilst
the after-life is a novel,
Life which we are living is a reflection,
of the life which is yet to come,
Death is inevitable,
it’s a bell that has to ring,
we are too busy being afraid of it,
we are afraid of the pain,
we are afraid of the grief,
that we forgot how to live, so
don’t be afraid of it, embrace it

We are just the speck of dust in this galaxy,
We hold so close those things which are of no use,
stack of money, big car, massive house, mountain-like Pride,
stop and reflect what you achieved,
kindness, respect, honor, dignity, love
devote yourself that gives you purpose and meaning,
We all know we are going to die,
but we all forgot about the death,
and we started not believing in it,
if we did, we’d do things differently,
we are the Deathstar of our own show,
Just before your final breath,
remember this for all time,
your goodbyes were made,
a Long time ago…


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