One Nation

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The song of the nation is in the air,
This air, I breathed in;
the wisdom of our fathers,
the love of our mother,
is crowded with the passion of our brothers,
the joy of our little children

The flag of my nation;
Green representing Islam and Muslims majority,
White stripe signifies religious minorities,
The Crescent symbolize sign of progress,
Five corner of Star portrays the five pillars of Islam,
On whom this nation, this country’s built, and
Fierce light with which this nation shines

I stand under the flag of one nation,
the nation of past, present and future,
the dust of our nation is formed;
by the blood of our soldiers,
who stand many battles,
for the protection of this nation,
who extinguish the flames of enemies with their blood,
who came to spark fire in our home,
who sacrificed their today’s,
for our tomorrow’s

By the dynasty of our leaders,
who worked under the shadow of day and night,
to make this nation shine again,
under the terror of chains

By the passion of our people,
who believed in this nation,
and stood for their rights and,
created a history of true patriotism

Faith, Unity and Discipline,
The song of our nation,
that binds us through thick and thin,
The motto of our nation,
that binds us in sickness and in health,
The three piers of our nation,
that creates a sense of peace in our nation
Those three words that finally set us Free

At last my nation is finally at Liberty,
The nation’s air salutes our martyrs who lead us towards the road to liberty,
Liberty isn’t something that is given,
Liberty is something that is taken!


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