How It Happened

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How it Happened (with me)
Once upon a time, on a sunny, in fact a very sunny, sun screeching Sunday. The kind of heat that normal July days are overwhelmed in Pakistan, wouldn’t be wrong to say especially Lahore. It was one of those days where people mostly stayed home instead of roaming on the roads or in the malls and waited for the shadows to prevail to ghoom-shoom around the city. But on the other hand, I was so excited to just enter in a bookstore and smell books with barely enough money in my pocket to eat and to pay the return fare. No other thing attracts me so much as a debutante Pakistani writer. So I was in a Dilemma but curiosity got the better of me. And that decision made me to reach home in 75 minutes with a famished stomach growling really bad and a shirt sticking sweat with really tired feet, glowing red.
How It Happened
Just as the universe started with a bang as the scientist claimed it to be, this book was no less than a big-bang. This book was a storm holding it in its pages and I came into its grip and this book just didn’t let me go anywhere right from the start. The story and the riots that arises in a family was so Desi-sheshi that every desi person has suffered from, at least any one of, the consequences explained in book and that’s what makes this book so on next level and likable by everyone. There isn’t a single page where you feel bored or feel agitated by the Awesome Dadi LOL slang-shlangs. To those who haven’t suffered from any joint-family or any family affairs would certainly not like or understand or sometimes feel the blood rising in their body but vice versa would love each and every single aspect belonging to this book.
Hats off to the debutante who never let me feel that it was her first novel. It was amazingly and masterly written. The comedy and funny type of fiction usually, I mean mostly, ends up with a very nasty end, kinda fucking everything up. But as this book started with a bang it sure did end likewise.
In short, it was really worth every single step.


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