The Fault in our Stars

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I was young, stupid and filled with all those emotional and feeling-like hormones when I first read this book and loved the book but God gave me a second chance to read this book again and He also gave me the serenity to change my perception about this book. Frankly speaking, it was Pathetic, like really really Pathetic with a Capital-P. You have a choice in this world, I believe, about how to tell stories and that’s the way how I put it: Things that compelled me to change the way I look at this book A. it is said that, this book is romantic and filled with staccato bursts of humor, if that’s what they think is romance and humor, God forbid, I don’t wanna live on this planet. B. Some childish and peevish idea with which Hazel looked at life like, why are breakfast foods is called breakfast food. C. You know what really sucked? The writing of The Fault in our Stars. You know what really sucked apart from the writing of TFIOS? Dying. You know what really sucked apart from dying? Dying while reading the writing of TFIOS. Ffs What’s with all the metaphors. With so redundant metaphors, It made me forgot what metaphor truly meant. Notes for the future, Killing a protagonist in the end doesn’t make the ending worth remembering or the book emotionally likeable. And D is for those who happen to understand A, B and C.

The only thing which was exciting was, Peter Van Houten, but that character rock. I believe he is the most hated fictional character after he deliberately, in disdainful approach, made Oh-So-Hazel feel insulted. But I mean like, seriously, some mysteries (ending of An Imperial Affliction) are better to be left unsolved. Cuz once the magician shows its tricks, it’s not magic anymore. If today I happen to know what is a Bermuda Triangle or Crop circles or how the Egyptian pyramids were built, I wouldn’t bother telling the world or even a single soul because that will simply take the beauty out of it.



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