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The Sun shall turned into Darkness, and the Moon into Blood

When the moon come between us (Sun and Earth)
Darkness will be spread all over the world,
Clouds will be haunted by the hollow lights,
Dusk will rule the kingdom,
People will fear this darkest hour,
which brought only misery and depression,
meanings of happiness will be changed,
Mirrors will show different reflections,
reflections of devil, reflections of hell,
Swings will take us near to Death,
and death will be ruled by Devil,
People will cry a soundless husk,
People will die a deathless soul,
Woe! We are imprisoned in our own prison;
Twilight has risen!
Twilight has risen!

As Nothing lasts Forever,
this darkness will die a deathless sound,
One day; we will rise, we will shine,
We must not forget that;
We will get hurt along the way,
We will be wounded by our enemies,
We will be scared of our dark deeds, but
We will stand for ourselves,
We will learn from our mistakes,
We will fight our worst nightmares,
We will be fearless of our fears, and
One day; we will touch the seventh kingdom,
Ruled by the Mighty Force,
Which controls the sky and earth,
and everything that exists in between,
We believe in that force, cuz
We have Hope, We have Faith…


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