A Walk to Remember

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In every walk, A Walk to Remember

There are just two, my all-time, favorite romantic novels and both are written by Nicholas Sparks. The Notebook and A Walk to Remember. The knack of writing a novel is the choosing of a suitable title and I’m never so sure about anything than the title of this book, perfectly used in the perfect place inside the book which made you fall in love with everyone and everything. It wasn’t just a romantic novel; spiritual words were also touched which somehow made me remember the writing of Paulo Coelho.

When I was seventeen years old, my life was changed forever.
It was one of the best startup-line for a romantic novel which promises you of the adventure, tragedy and ever enduring road of love yet to be introduced with its each turning page. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry and you’ll remember the tragidious-love story long after you’ve finished this book. These kind of stories are never forgotten. It is such richly written that even a touch of the word of love or kiss ignites flames of madness inside you. It’s been long since I fell for a book. The story touches your heart and nourishes your soul with the feeling of trust, hope, faith and love. What’s not to love in this book?


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