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Beware; for I am fearless, and therefore powerful

Once you read a master-classic book and try to write a review on it, it puts you in dilemma not because you don’t know what to write because it was so great that no words are able to describe how you felt after reading this book, but because you don’t quite know where to start.

Frankenstein moves you to your very soul. its thriller part will make your every hair on your body stand. Its tragic story will greatly influence your life with grief and sorrow. Its horror and Gothic ghastly part will not let you sleep at night. It is such kind of a book with such different and rare story which will never leave your tail till you very grave.

The way Mary Shelley wrote the story, the writing of the author, was ever so exotic and professionally written that it made you forget that it was the author’s first book. The way with which she told the story of the Frankenstein monster was so exhilarating, the way she created the image of the “daemon” in one’s mind, it’s just so beautiful. The use of nature in creating a scene of beauty and sometimes gloomy instantly influence your mood. The feelings, the emotions, of revenge, anger, creativity, anguish, obsession, helplessness, poverty, vengeance, misery warms your blood in your every vain throughout your body. I haven’t ever read classic such breathtaking and heart wrenching.

There was one flaw in the book which was really the worst part and that was its starting, which was dry and rough, that challenges your decision of reading this book. But as the book reaches to the part where (NO SPOILERS) the creator and the creation reunites; that was, personally, my favorite part of the whole book. It was so enriching and mastery written that was the sole part which made me fall in love with this book. And that’s where I started to adore this masterpiece. If you ever arrive at that dry patch and thought to throw the book into mud filled lake then I force you not to lose faith and soon its marvels will be revealed.


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