Broken Verses

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I’m not a king,
looking for a queen,
I just want a simple life,
with a simple and true love

I don’t have anyone in my life,
who understands me as I, myself,
There used to be someone, who,
exists only in shadows,
a broken memory here and there,
in empty benches, in lonely walks,
in washed footprints along the beach,

I don’t know how to say how I feel,
I never thought I’d find anyone like you,
You were everything I ever dreamed of,
You were everything I ever imagined,
You were everything I ever wanted,
You were the best thing that ever happened to me

Where ever I go there is always a shadow of you,
You spelled me by the magic of your love,
No other love could ever make me feel the same,
I guess that’s what is called first love
You came in my life like a drizzle,
and went away like a hurricane,
taking my heart my soul, my everything

But I’m tired of giving you chances,
You chewed and spat me out,
I bleed when I’m betrayed,
of your false love
I’m just a human,
with a heart and a soul,

I hope he makes you happy,
I hope he makes you feel safe,
I hope he gives you everything that I couldn’t

I just want you to know that;
When you hold his hand, you’ll feel the warmth of my skin,
When you look into his eyes, you’ll see my demons staring back,
When you lean in to kiss him, you’ll remember our first kiss,
When you make love to him, you’ll feel you belong to someone,
When you lay beside him, you’ll hear the echo of my heart,
I just want you to feel everything, I really do

I hope he never betrays you, like you did, I really do
But one day if he did leave you, you’ll know how I feel, now,
When he leaves you, you’ll search for me in your cold empty sheets,
When he leaves you, you’ll feel an empty void in your heart,
When he leaves you, don’t come crawling back to me,
looking for solace, looking for forgiveness,
I’d be long gone,
in the midst of hazy night,
in the smell of spring leaves,
in the snow of Himalayas,
in the empty wave of Pacific,
This is my broken verse, and I hope;
I hope our shadows never meet, because
When I go;
I never come back…


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