What does Love mean to you?

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When a moth flies around the flame,
not afraid of the consequences,
not afraid of the death which she brought with herself,
he was born to love her till his last breath.
He tries to touch her soft skin with his fingers,
he dances with the way she flickers in the night,
he plays with her silky hair flying around her again and again,
until his madness of love set him apart,
until he turns into a speck of dust,
so invisible and unnoticed,
just like a Moth smoke

Strolling in the garden,
in the month of spring,
everything in full bloom.
You deeply fell in love,
when you came across a lovely flower.
A flower full of life,
spreading its sweet love all around the garden,
to the children playing on the swings,
to the old talking and laughing on the benches,
or the lovers singing love songs in the corner.
Instead of plucking the flower which you desire most,
you leave it there to spread love,
to keep her alive in your thoughts and in your memory,
and in the name of love,
you give her the elixir of life: Water

Calling of prayer echoing in the sky,
the alarm of cock ringing on the ground,
wakes you up in the middle of the night,
when the darkness is in full bloom.
Just before the dawn,
you walk a mile to the nearest Masjid,
in the damp fog of the winter,
to perform your ablutions with the freezing water,
not because you have to,
but because you want to.
It brings strength to the mind and,
peace to the soul.
You are surrounded with the
feeling of happiness, and
a feeling of Love and being Loved

When the shimmer of diamonds burst from the sky,
a strange feeling takes over you.
You feel you are closer to the heaven,
you feel each drop of blessing on your skin,
you feel each second of your existence.
Everything you see, everything you hear,
everything is domed with the blessing, and those;
who do not feel the rain,
only gets Wet

Staring in the east, waiting
holding a cup of tea, waiting
Clouds dancing with the wind, waiting
Stars hiding behind mother’s veil, waiting
Moon rushing towards home, in a hurry
Birds chanting in the trees, happily
Everything stops,
Everything looks in a trance,
Bowing to the beauty and the grandeur,
which gives them purpose and life;
The glory of Philosophers Stone; Sun

You brought home an injured bird,
you take care of her,
mend her wounds,
nurture her strength,
you play with her,
comb her shiny proud feathers,
She sings love songs for you,
She starts getting healthier with the grace of your love,
You develop feelings for her,
you want her to stay with you forever,
So, you locked her in the cage of your heart,
She starts losing the beauty of her wings,
she starts to sing sad songs,
songs of grief and misery,
When her feathers starts falling,
she starts losing her touch,
you feel sorrow and pain,
So you let her leave,
you feel an empty void in your heart,
but it doesn’t hurt,
you feel strangely happy,
not because she left, but
because she came in your life…



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