The Kite Runner

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It’s a tale of Love and Death. Family and Friends. Regret and Redemption. Cruelty and Injustice. Pain and Loss. It is such a fable that after reading left the reader with watery eyes. Don’t say you haven’t been warned. A tale you won’t forget until your very last breath. A tale which made you believe that sad and heart bleeding stories makes the best books. It is a story of Sohrab and Rustam. Amir and Hassan; The Sultan of Kabul.

One chilly Afghan winter’s day in 1975 Amir witnesses a dreadful act that irrevocably changes both his life and the life of his dear friend, Hassan. It is not simply Amir’s presence that scars him, it is his failure to act, a failure that will haunt him until he gathers his courage, confronts his demons and finds ‘a way to be good again.’

I always have had the image of Afghanistan as the surface of moon. I caught the sight of what Kabul used to be and what it now is for the first time through the eyes of the author Khalid Hosseini. It made me believe that it once was so beautiful and so charming filled with exotic sunrises and nature at its best especially in spring. Cherry, pomegranate, poplar and pine trees. It filled my mouth with the watery taste of those ripe fruits. I could read this book A Thousand times over.

One could almost feel the intensity of feelings rising from those written words. The current condition of Khalid Hosseini, according to me, is just like the character Zaman. Once you read the book you’ll know. The book was so enriched with both prosperous and hellish days from which Afghanistan went through. And the people went from war after war. They weren’t as many people died on 9/11 as in Afghanistan since America invade. They, supreme power, talks about making Peace. But here’s the unanswered question that kept buzzing in my head, “Peace. But at what Price?”


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