The Giver

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When we live without Faith,
When we live without Hope,
When we live without Love,
We only Exist

Imagine a society where there are no feelings of care, hate, pain, desire, anguish and most of it, Love. Everything is predictable, usual and in order. Everything is surrounded with Sameness.

The idea of the book was out of the box. One could have never imagined it to exist. The writing wasn’t as good as it should have been but all the praise goes to the story.

The Giver, first of the series, takes you to a whole new level of imaginary adventure you never dreamed of. The story is about a society of people who thinks that they are the only people in this world left after the destruction of the previous generation. They are so customized with their life that they don’t have the ability to see beyond life and lives a life of robot. The people of the society don’t have a sense of making choices, everything is set and written for them by the Elders of the society who makes all the decisions.

There comes the protagonist, Jonas, who has the ability to see beyond, to feel beyond, to think beyond. On the day, when he turned twelve, just like his other friends who turned twelve and are assigned to their life jobs, of what they would do till the end of their lives, Jonas was selected to be The Receiver. His job is to have the knowledge, courage, integrity, memories and wisdom of the whole world, of the world before he was born and back and back and back via The Giver.        With great powers comes great responsibilities. Soon Jonas realized that they are not living their lives, the people of the society. He thinks that there is something outside their own world which needs to be explored. With growing curiosity, he thinks of the possibility of going far beyond one expected and when he did, many lives were changed.

Apart from the story, the book helps you to realize that what a blessing it is to feel everything in the sky and on the ground and everything that exists in between. It is indeed a blessing much more than we can even realize. Love is the only feeling in the world who has the power to change the whole prospect of the whole world.


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