A Dream within a Dream

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Stunning Black And White abstract photography:

We dream a thousand dreams in our lives. Most of them are unrememberable, some of them are unreasonable, and only a few are unforgettable. They teach you some mystic spiritual lessons as though they were revealed to you by the Lord to deliver you with something so meaningful that will change the whole prospect of your life, that could change your mere existence into something extraordinary, something everlasting, something that was unnoticed when you were not sleeping, something that wasn’t worth noting, something that was so invisible but inevitable, something that was a part of your routine and hence went unobserved. And that dream, that special dream truly awakens you.

I was lying on my bed, waiting for a train that will take me away, that will take me far away from this world of brutality, world of reality. Far away from the maddening crowd, people with different faces, from all the sorrows I’ve seen, all the pain I’ve felt, all the cries I’ve heard, and transport me into the world of utopia, pure innocence, of peace. As I was waiting for that train, sleep took me on board.
             I woke up and saw total darkness prevailing around me. Not a single speck of light could be seen. I felt happy with such darkness surrounding me. I felt myself. I felt serene. I felt pleasure. I felt my inner self. Suddenly my eyes became used to the darkness and I could figure out the silhouette of objects. The fog was thick and had a smell of putrefaction of intense deepness in woods. I felt enlightened. I started to feel something, something that I haven’t felt in so long, something that I’ve forgotten how it felt like.
         I started walking. I heard only my footsteps and the crunching of leaves beneath my naked feet. I love the sound of the autumn leaves being crushed under one’s foot. The sound it creates nourished my ears with a pleasant melody. It was so pleasant that I started running slowly and then gradually strengthen my pace. It felt relaxing. I started running with enthusiasm; I never thought existed in me after all these years.
        I started running so fast into the woods that I could no longer hear the crunching sound of the broken leaves. Though my feet were naked but I couldn’t feel a thing. But I realized that the path was getting steeper. Strangely, I felt light. I felt lighter than the feather. And when I looked towards my feet, they were no longer touching the ground. And I was floating, I was flying. It was like this amazing feeling, that I’m safe. And then I realized that, in this entire world… I’m completely alone.


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