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Pakistan- A heroic tragedy

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On December 13th, 1965, a student filled with storm inside him was sitting in the Main Block-Basement number three of the Government College Lahore. The Gothic lady struck 12 o’clock. The lecture was being given on Pakistan Studies subject. Amongst fifty top students of this subject from all over Pakistan, the teacher asked the students to write an essay on the struggle of formation of Pakistan from 1867 to 1947. The students were allotted forty minutes to write a brief essay touching all the aspects of chains of events that followed after the war of independence, it’s after effects, and then the struggle of Muslim leaders and founding fathers of Pakistan and conspiracy and narrow mindedness of Congress and Hindus against Muslims of subcontinent.

Amidst those highly intellect students, there was but one student different from all the other students. He was different from every aspect. Even a mere glance was enough to see the difference. It wasn’t because of how he dressed, sits, talks, behaves but rather his eyes, his mind which didn’t belong to that room, his ears not directed towards the professors’ words of wisdom. He never took active part in the class debates, even after being told by the professor. Every question professor asked, he slowly looks up, wearing his hoodie and replied only three words, not a word less or more; I don’t know. He was physical present in the classroom but his soul was somewhere else, somewhere far, roaming, looking, always searching for something.

He just silently sat, head down, in the class and was always writing something on some crumpled pieces of paper. He used to sit on the last bench of the class, alone. He has that cold attitude in the class but whenever someone tries to talk with him, after class, he talks very naturally and normally, but he wasn’t a normal human being. Nobody knew what he wrote on those rusted papers, except for an essay he wrote, which will be read, heard, and praised for all the generations to come.

“Respected Sir, first of all I’m going apologize for whatever I’ll write in this assessment because I have no sense of respect for someone who doesn’t deserve it. Second, I have no idea what I’m going to write but let me assure you that, writing about all the aspects you asked us to write regarding the formation of Pakistan with a complete biased approach, as could be seen in your teaching, your body language, your words filled with hatred for the non-Muslims nation, it would be the last thing I’ll write. Holding an empty sheet of paper reminds me how difficult it is to be a God.

        I may write irrelevant contexts but somehow, I’ll reach to some conclusion[s], whatever it would be, on whoever favor or side it would be, I believe that with all my heart, I have faith in my writing. Please try to bear it with me.

      I’d like to start it with the books that are taught in Pakistan. They’re so biased and showed how innocent the Indian Muslims and how tyrant and cold-British and Hindus were in their behavior with Muslims of the subcontinent before the partition. They filled the hearts of students with hatred for those two nations who subsided in the subcontinent. I’ve browsed the whole of the sections of Pakistan Studies in the libraries but I could find nothing different, no truth. They are written by Muslim scholars. I’ve searched the Internet but I believe in the “factual” information as much as I believe in this course folder or library books.

      Indians writers are lenient towards Hindus conditions and Muslims towards themselves. And about the British writers, they have no idea whats the truth. In the confusion of whats right and whats factual, the history or the reality is lost in between. We want to know the truth, in fact I want to know the truth, however sweet or bitter it is. It would be better than the back-stabbing knives of comforting lies. I guess nobody knows whats truth anymore. Everyone is content with these filthy hatred lies, it all lies, it all stank of lies. It’s all an illusion. It’s all a torture.

Every student, sitting in this classroom, would be writing whole heartedly of how we broke the shackles and worked hard, and after consistent struggle, and losing innumerable lives-martyrs, won this piece of land, that is as they called, Pakistan-Land of pure. The feelings and emotions of the Muslims could be found in different memoirs. Library is filled with them, believe me. I don’t believe that we won Pakistan, I believe it was being given to us as a blessing from the God-if only you believe in one. As every blessing ignored becomes a curse. That’s what really happened after the birth of Pakistan on 14th August, 1947. Pakistan: the only country in this entire world who was born on the basis of an Ideology-Islam.

        The Muslims main reason to acquire a piece of land was, so that they could practice the rituals of Islam in their daily lives freely. That was the sole reason of the existence of Pakistan, to ensure Islamization. To build a country on the pillars of Islam.

      We question our leaders and blame them for every mishap in this country. This reminds me of a famous proverb, “Rulers are infested based on the people nature.” I guess it’s true. We so need someone to blame and it’s so easy to do that. We celebrate with such passion-Independence Day, but we forget what was the purpose of creation of Pakistan. Do we follow the teachings of Islam, on which this nation’s ideology was based? Do we act on the advice given by the founding fathers of Pakistan? I mean how can one think to change the world without changing himself.         How beautiful Pakistan was. Ah! I wish I could’ve seen it with my own eyes. I wish I could’ve seen how Pakistan started crawling after it was born. The sweet smile, the first word, the first step. I wish. I just wish all that. But there’s no use wishing something that is already dead. That is already buried so long ago.      

      The beautiful Pakistan died a heroic tragic death, a tragedy does not need to have blood and death; it’s enough that it all be filled with that majestic sadness, on 11 September 1948, just after turning one, due to tuberculosis and advanced lung cancer. Millions attended the funeral prayer.     As for the question that where we live if Pakistan had long been deceased, I’ll say we neither live in Pakistan nor India, we live in a place called “Prison.” We were born free but everywhere we’re enchained. Time to time the caged bird may sing of freedom, but it will still live in prison.

As for me, I don’t belong to that cage. You ask, Who I am or where I am, well just leave me to myself. Think of me just as a boy who was so focused with the beauty of the rose that it forgot about its thorns. The boy who was so impressed by the rainbow that it forgot about the storm. The boy who was so afraid of the night that it forgot about the beauty of the darkness. My real self-wanders elsewhere, far away, wanders on and on invisibly. Just leave me to myself because I am the hero of my own story, and I don’t need to be saved.”


After Life

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I, standing on the threshold of a new life,
tears of sweat dripping down my spine,
Trumpet silencing all my demons inside,
dead rising from the graves,
trembling footsteps echoes throughout the earth,
dead standing around me,
Screaming. . .
Shouting. . .
thousand voices filling my head,
suddenly, trumpet stops playing,
and everyone falls to the ground,
total silence prevails,
except one man who is on fire
ashes rising from his body
blood in his eyes, whispers,
“Live the life of your Dreams”

Ever since you left

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Ever since you left my love
This place hasn’t been the same.
Now I know
it is hard for you to leave
but it is even harder for me; the one who stayed behind.
I don’t know how to tell you
how I feel.

Those long walks in oval, hand in hand
wild carefree laughs in Apmhi
shy glances in Shahab
love songs in love-garden.
It all seems like a long distant memory
of an imaginary world
where there was just you and me
our own little world
which we created
with our own hands.

Ever since you left my love
I see this world with a bitter reality
Reality which fell this world apart.
This world doesn’t make any sense anymore
A world full of people who just exists.

They are running.
They all are running
in a circle, chasing their tails
until death takes them into its embrace
and opened their eyes in their graves.
Now I am alone
All alone
Ever since you left, my love
ever since you left…

The Eleventh Element

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A man asked, to the nephew of The Last Prophet, Hazrat Hussnain, “What are the ten strongest things in this world?”
“First is Stone.” He replied.
“Second, Metal as it can cut the stone.” He continued.
“Third is Fire as it melts the metal.”
“Water can extinguish Fire so it is the fourth hardest thing.”
“Fifth, Clouds carry water on their shoulders.”
“As the wind play with clouds and can take them with its flow so Wind is Sixth.”
“Wind is controlled by the Angels of wind so they are Seventh in the list.”
“Eighth: Angels of Death as they can take the lives of Angels of Wind.”
“Ninth is Death, which even take the lives of Angels of Death.”
“Tenth, Almighty Allah is the biggest and strongest, the creator of Earth and Heaven and everything that exists between both of them and way beyond. Allah controls death. Kun Faya Kun. Allah is the first and the last of everything.”

The man, satisfied with the answer, bade his farewell and took his leave. When he reached the door, the nephew, said, “And you know whats the Eleventh thing?” He turned, he looked perplexed and asked, “What can be stronger than the will of Allah?” Hazrat Hussnain replied smiled, “The last messenger of Allah, Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H). If He asks Allah, then Allah can even postpone the call of Death on any being.”