The Eleventh Element

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A man asked, to the nephew of The Last Prophet, Hazrat Hussnain, “What are the ten strongest things in this world?”
“First is Stone.” He replied.
“Second, Metal as it can cut the stone.” He continued.
“Third is Fire as it melts the metal.”
“Water can extinguish Fire so it is the fourth hardest thing.”
“Fifth, Clouds carry water on their shoulders.”
“As the wind play with clouds and can take them with its flow so Wind is Sixth.”
“Wind is controlled by the Angels of wind so they are Seventh in the list.”
“Eighth: Angels of Death as they can take the lives of Angels of Wind.”
“Ninth is Death, which even take the lives of Angels of Death.”
“Tenth, Almighty Allah is the biggest and strongest, the creator of Earth and Heaven and everything that exists between both of them and way beyond. Allah controls death. Kun Faya Kun. Allah is the first and the last of everything.”

The man, satisfied with the answer, bade his farewell and took his leave. When he reached the door, the nephew, said, “And you know whats the Eleventh thing?” He turned, he looked perplexed and asked, “What can be stronger than the will of Allah?” Hazrat Hussnain replied smiled, “The last messenger of Allah, Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H). If He asks Allah, then Allah can even postpone the call of Death on any being.”


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