Ever since you left

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Ever since you left my love
This place hasn’t been the same.
Now I know
it is hard for you to leave
but it is even harder for me; the one who stayed behind.
I don’t know how to tell you
how I feel.

Those long walks in oval, hand in hand
wild carefree laughs in Apmhi
shy glances in Shahab
love songs in love-garden.
It all seems like a long distant memory
of an imaginary world
where there was just you and me
our own little world
which we created
with our own hands.

Ever since you left my love
I see this world with a bitter reality
Reality which fell this world apart.
This world doesn’t make any sense anymore
A world full of people who just exists.

They are running.
They all are running
in a circle, chasing their tails
until death takes them into its embrace
and opened their eyes in their graves.
Now I am alone
All alone
Ever since you left, my love
ever since you left…


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