After all these years

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PC- Gcu Trolls and Mubeen Sanjrani

I am a boy with scattered memories
I never felt so haunted in my life.
Slowly, a silent breeze began to blow
bringing the fragrance from the holy place.
The flickering of lights
the calling of birds
the freshness of grass
the silence of autumn leaves.
Every road, every path, every step
I took
leads me towards you.

The breezes at dawn
ever so silently
always brought me back to you
in the cage of my heart
to the beauty of this small world.
Even after all these years
a part of me still lives here
in the center of these four walls
with no roof and an infinite space.

Looking at the infinity makes me a wanderer
a wanderer;
roaming in the corridors
like a ghost with bones.
Always searching;
searching for the lost memory
searching for the essence of those carefree days
searching for answers;
from the empty benches and ancient trees.
Always searching. Roaming. Wandering
until these four walls and I become one.
A truly awakened soul…


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