Kiss her

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This is the moment
to hold her into your loving arms
lean into her as you are entering a sacred place, and
Kiss her as smoothly as the flight of the hawk
Kiss her as silently as snowflakes,
as the first ray of sun befalls on thy skin
Kiss her like the first drop of rain
Kiss her as she meant the world to you
Kiss her as gently as the dew drop on the grass
Kiss her thinking that it’s your last day, last night, last second on earth
Kiss her as though it would be the last thing you’ll ever do
Kiss her like you’ll never kiss her again
Kiss her until death sets you
Kiss her knowing that you are all that she wants
Kiss her as madly like you’re spelled by the magic of this kiss
Kiss her leisurely, as you’ve got the whole time in the world
Every so slowly as God grant you your life only to kiss her
inhale her every breath, her every scent, familiarize yourself with every particle of her body
Kiss her as you two are alone under the drunk moon, hazy night, dancing on your own, on the song of your love,
knowing that this moment,
this drunk night was only meant for you to kiss her
Don’t wait anymore,
Just Kiss her


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