Are we there again?

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Why do we always end up,
the same road,
which we knew has a dead end?
Why do we make promises,
to each other over and over,
which we knew are empty?
Why do we still talk to each other,
even after all this time,
when we don’t want to?
Why do we remind each other,
of our pasts,
when those memories don’t mean anymore?
Why don’t we just stop seeing each other, altogether,
and never talk to each other again?
Why don’t we just wake up,
thinking all of it was just a dream?
Why is it so hard to forget each other,
when everything between us was just an illusion?

Why does your heart still beat for me,
while in the arms of my friend,
under the shadow of that lamppost,
where I fell in love with you.
You thought nobody saw it,
but I saw it,
I saw everything.
I saw myself walking home,
empty tears in hand,
losing two closest people that night,
The night knows it,
and maybe,
just maybe,
You know that too

What do you expect from me?
What do you want from me?
Do you want me to accept you again?
Do you want me to forget all those sleepless nights?
Do you want me to open all those scars you gave me?
Do you want me to act like nothing happened?
Like you never broke my heart?
Like you never shattered my trust?
Like you never bade me goodbye?
The love between us has long been faded
The memories between us has long been forgotten
The thirst for your love has long been banished.

So here we are again,
lying beside each other,
You dreaming soundly,
and I,
thinking the same thing,
Are we there again?


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