In the Dark

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If it wasn’t real
Then why does it hurt so bad
It feels like all the pieces of glass
In my body
Everywhere travelling inside my body
Like my blood
With my blood
They are my blood
This, and all the pain I feel
Or hear in this world
It’s all so noisy
It’s all so real and fake
Its everywhere
All this pain is a bridge
Between reality and dream
An Ecstasy
A new world
Where there is darkness

I am running,
In the dark
And so were you
And we found each other
In the dark
It felt like I knew you
And you knew me
That we were already connected
From the past lives
That we were a single soul
A one soul
A whole soul
And somehow
We were disconnected
We felt a vague inside our body
throughout our lives
That shallow deep space
Consistently torturing us
Killing us
Until we met each other
and filled that hole
In the dark


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