Month: August 2017

No matter…

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No matter how brave I become

My heart feels afraid of letting go

Fear of loss? No

Fear of the tears that would fall

In your absence

Time would heal the broken

Dry the tears

Hide the feelings, hidden

That almost no one hears

But time won’t make

The courage it would take

Of the coward

To let go, of all the fears it has hidden!

A coward inside

Trying to become brave

Just to say in the end

It was you whom I never betrayed!

No matter how brave I become

No matter how good I pretend

I still care, and would, till the end

For as my heart doesn’t obey me anymore

The tree and the grass, had to let go

One below and the other above

As the autumn had finally arrived,

To end the endless love!


When She says…

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When she says she loves you

The words won’t utter out as you hope

Silent tears would fall down

Whenever she’ll have a sight of you


Looking from the corner of the room

She’ll stare at you, with whole her heart

A heart filled with all the gloom

Silent tears, she’d be smiling, yet torn apart


When she says she loves you

She wouldn’t be lying in her heart

Because it took a lot of courage, of her

To disown her very own heart


Her heart won’t beat for her anymore

Her eyes would follow you wherever you are

Her gentle touch would be all filled with love

Yet she won’t speak, those words to utter


She won’t be breathing for herself anymore

She won’t be having a heart of her own

She won’t be capable of giving herself to anyone else

Yet she won’t have the courage, those words to utter


She’d silently cry sitting alone

She won’t be having a heart of her own

She disowned it just for you

Won’t ever would she be courageous enough to tell you!

When he says…

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When a boy says, he loves you
He wouldn’t be saying it to you directly
Rather, he’d be looking at the sky
Drunk by the vision of the blooming moon
He’d see your face in it
Your eyes in a sky full of stars

When a boy says, he loves you
Staring in your eyes
And if you could just hold back your river
And look into his eyes
You’ll see what spring does to a cherry tree
You’ll see when he says he loves you
He really means it

You must return his love
If you don’t love him
Don’t tell him that;
He is not the right person
He is not what you’re looking for
He is just a friend
He doesn’t know what love is
I am not ready yet
I need some time to think
I need to be alone
I cannot do this anymore
I have enough of this joke.
You shouldn’t say all those things to him
But if you did,
Stand there and look in his eyes
Don’t feel sorry for him
Just stand there and look
Look at all those tears of your name
For your love
Stand and Look
Do not turn your back
Do not walk away
Do not think for a second
That he is one of those boys
Who thought he loved you
And will forget you
That he is just a boy
A stupid little boy
Just another boy
Who got lost in the whirl
Of the dancing dervish
And you
Didn’t even notice

When I fall asleep

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When I fall asleep,
I dream of you.
I dream of your face,
how it shines when light falls on it.
I dream of your eyes,
how they play with my words.
I dream of your cheeks,
how the eyelash dimples on it.
I dream of your lips,
as my fingers wipes the wetness from them,
how I drag your body against me,
how I hold you from your waist,
how you bite the corner of your lower lip,
how you invite me to kiss those lips,
how thirsty you seem, how I play with you,
how I tempt your anticipation,
how you die for that moment,
When I finally lean in,
to kiss those desperate lips.
Maybe when I fall asleep,
I don’t really sleep…