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The Giver

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When we live without Faith,
When we live without Hope,
When we live without Love,
We only Exist

Imagine a society where there are no feelings of care, hate, pain, desire, anguish and most of it, Love. Everything is predictable, usual and in order. Everything is surrounded with Sameness.

The idea of the book was out of the box. One could have never imagined it to exist. The writing wasn’t as good as it should have been but all the praise goes to the story.

The Giver, first of the series, takes you to a whole new level of imaginary adventure you never dreamed of. The story is about a society of people who thinks that they are the only people in this world left after the destruction of the previous generation. They are so customized with their life that they don’t have the ability to see beyond life and lives a life of robot. The people of the society don’t have a sense of making choices, everything is set and written for them by the Elders of the society who makes all the decisions.

There comes the protagonist, Jonas, who has the ability to see beyond, to feel beyond, to think beyond. On the day, when he turned twelve, just like his other friends who turned twelve and are assigned to their life jobs, of what they would do till the end of their lives, Jonas was selected to be The Receiver. His job is to have the knowledge, courage, integrity, memories and wisdom of the whole world, of the world before he was born and back and back and back via The Giver.        With great powers comes great responsibilities. Soon Jonas realized that they are not living their lives, the people of the society. He thinks that there is something outside their own world which needs to be explored. With growing curiosity, he thinks of the possibility of going far beyond one expected and when he did, many lives were changed.

Apart from the story, the book helps you to realize that what a blessing it is to feel everything in the sky and on the ground and everything that exists in between. It is indeed a blessing much more than we can even realize. Love is the only feeling in the world who has the power to change the whole prospect of the whole world.


The Forty rules of Love

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It is a story of love and death. Happiness and sorrow. Compassion and pity. Friendship and foe. Peace and heartbreak. It is a fable of lives of Ella, Kerra, Sultan Walad, Aladdin, Kimya, Desert Rose; The Harlot, Suleiman; The Drunk, Baybors; The Warrior. All the lives of these characters chained with the story of Sun and Moon: Shams of Tabriz and Rumi… All stories are one. A story within a story.

This journey will take you from London to Amsterdam, Berlin and the streets of, paradise on earth-Istanbul. The main plot is constructed in 13th century-the era of Mongols and their battles. Muslims killing Muslims, Muslims killing Christians, Christian killing Muslims, and Christian killing Christian. All this killing just for the sake of power. But war has no concept in this books, not to say the conspiracy concept.

The unique part of this book, the part that made this book a classic book is, how 13th century changed the life of a single housewife living in 21st century. This reminds us that death is not the end but the worst part of death is to die without leaving a legacy behind. The bond and love of Shams and his companion, Rumi, changed the unconditional life of Ella, a wife and a mother of three children.

One of the things that fascinates me in this book is that, there is not one story teller like, the narrator is not a single character. Every character tells the story according to their own point of view of the same vantage point. Most people don’t like the idea of reading a book through several narrators, they like to read the whole story sticking to one mind-teller. But writing a book in this style is worth praising, I must say. And its kinda different. And I loved it.

The forty rules of Shams were so deep that they were hard to understand at first. You ever so slowly read each rule, each passage until it has a sweet and familiar taste on your lips and then the secrets will be revealed. And everything will start making sense. Every single thing.

The only thing I didn’t like was the intimate scene the author introduced of Shams. The image of Shams was going so good until that point. But other than that, the book was so good that this small part unconsciously fade away. The Sufi whirling was the breakthrough in this book, where Shams and Rumi introduced the concept of dervish dance. This concept will stay in this world forever. The poetry of Rumi, wrote from time to time, was breathtaking. There are some books, no matter how thorough you write, you just can’t write a proper or close to perfect review, it’s just so difficult, this is that kind of book.

“Let us choose one another as companions!
Let us sit at each other’s feet!
Inwardly we have many harmonies-think not
That we are only what we see.”


The Kite Runner

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It’s a tale of Love and Death. Family and Friends. Regret and Redemption. Cruelty and Injustice. Pain and Loss. It is such a fable that after reading left the reader with watery eyes. Don’t say you haven’t been warned. A tale you won’t forget until your very last breath. A tale which made you believe that sad and heart bleeding stories makes the best books. It is a story of Sohrab and Rustam. Amir and Hassan; The Sultan of Kabul.

One chilly Afghan winter’s day in 1975 Amir witnesses a dreadful act that irrevocably changes both his life and the life of his dear friend, Hassan. It is not simply Amir’s presence that scars him, it is his failure to act, a failure that will haunt him until he gathers his courage, confronts his demons and finds ‘a way to be good again.’

I always have had the image of Afghanistan as the surface of moon. I caught the sight of what Kabul used to be and what it now is for the first time through the eyes of the author Khalid Hosseini. It made me believe that it once was so beautiful and so charming filled with exotic sunrises and nature at its best especially in spring. Cherry, pomegranate, poplar and pine trees. It filled my mouth with the watery taste of those ripe fruits. I could read this book A Thousand times over.

One could almost feel the intensity of feelings rising from those written words. The current condition of Khalid Hosseini, according to me, is just like the character Zaman. Once you read the book you’ll know. The book was so enriched with both prosperous and hellish days from which Afghanistan went through. And the people went from war after war. They weren’t as many people died on 9/11 as in Afghanistan since America invade. They, supreme power, talks about making Peace. But here’s the unanswered question that kept buzzing in my head, “Peace. But at what Price?”


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Beware; for I am fearless, and therefore powerful

Once you read a master-classic book and try to write a review on it, it puts you in dilemma not because you don’t know what to write because it was so great that no words are able to describe how you felt after reading this book, but because you don’t quite know where to start.

Frankenstein moves you to your very soul. its thriller part will make your every hair on your body stand. Its tragic story will greatly influence your life with grief and sorrow. Its horror and Gothic ghastly part will not let you sleep at night. It is such kind of a book with such different and rare story which will never leave your tail till you very grave.

The way Mary Shelley wrote the story, the writing of the author, was ever so exotic and professionally written that it made you forget that it was the author’s first book. The way with which she told the story of the Frankenstein monster was so exhilarating, the way she created the image of the “daemon” in one’s mind, it’s just so beautiful. The use of nature in creating a scene of beauty and sometimes gloomy instantly influence your mood. The feelings, the emotions, of revenge, anger, creativity, anguish, obsession, helplessness, poverty, vengeance, misery warms your blood in your every vain throughout your body. I haven’t ever read classic such breathtaking and heart wrenching.

There was one flaw in the book which was really the worst part and that was its starting, which was dry and rough, that challenges your decision of reading this book. But as the book reaches to the part where (NO SPOILERS) the creator and the creation reunites; that was, personally, my favorite part of the whole book. It was so enriching and mastery written that was the sole part which made me fall in love with this book. And that’s where I started to adore this masterpiece. If you ever arrive at that dry patch and thought to throw the book into mud filled lake then I force you not to lose faith and soon its marvels will be revealed.


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‘But how will I know who my soulmate is?’
‘By taking risks, by risking failure, disappointment delusion, but never ceasing in your search for Love. As long as you keep looking, you will triumph in the end.’

A moving tale of love, passion, mystery and spirituality from one of my best author takes you on a journey of visible and invisible bridge. Brida is the life turning novel of Paulo Coelho, it’s because of this book that the world was introduced with the world of Shepherds, Treasures, Fear of failure and Personal Legend. This book played a key role in the success of Paulo’s other books.

Every one of us have a special quote, that just simply touches our heart and soul and puts us in some kind of trance and it stays in our mind forever. It may not look so much exhilarating or somewhat fact to others, but for us it defines our whole life, our reason of existence or our thinking. In every Paulo Coelho’s book he introduces a storm like life changing or thinking changing quote that it just sweeps you off of your feet and takes you everywhere she goes.

‘Nothing in the world is ever completely wrong. Even a stopped clock is right twice a day.’

This is the story of Brida, a beautiful young Irish girl, and her quest for knowledge. On her journey she meets a wise man who teaches her about overcoming her fears, and a woman who teaches her how to dance to the hidden music of the world. They see in her a gift, but must let her make her own voyage of discovery. As Brida seeks her destiny, she struggles to find a balance between her relationships and her desire to transform herself.

‘How, Why and where does Paulo Coelho’s get these peculiar ideas of his master class books?’

Every book he has written, he has personally gone through the experience of each character he introduces. You may call it fiction but at one point, while reading, you forget the perception of fiction and an exotic force overwhelms you and it just made you think again. I guess that’s what makes his writing, his story, his books ever so awesome. I’ve heard from people a lot that they didn’t enjoy or learn anything from Paulo’s books cuz they couldn’t understand what he was talking about, and they were not talking about his single book, but his every book. And just like always, I repeat these words (I, myself read somewhere): “If you don’t understand what Paulo Coelho was talking about, it’s alright. It’s not your fault. One cannot miss something they never had. One can never love something they never felt for. One can most definitely not understand something they don’t have any experience of.”

A Walk to Remember

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In every walk, A Walk to Remember

There are just two, my all-time, favorite romantic novels and both are written by Nicholas Sparks. The Notebook and A Walk to Remember. The knack of writing a novel is the choosing of a suitable title and I’m never so sure about anything than the title of this book, perfectly used in the perfect place inside the book which made you fall in love with everyone and everything. It wasn’t just a romantic novel; spiritual words were also touched which somehow made me remember the writing of Paulo Coelho.

When I was seventeen years old, my life was changed forever.
It was one of the best startup-line for a romantic novel which promises you of the adventure, tragedy and ever enduring road of love yet to be introduced with its each turning page. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry and you’ll remember the tragidious-love story long after you’ve finished this book. These kind of stories are never forgotten. It is such richly written that even a touch of the word of love or kiss ignites flames of madness inside you. It’s been long since I fell for a book. The story touches your heart and nourishes your soul with the feeling of trust, hope, faith and love. What’s not to love in this book?

The Fault in our Stars

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I was young, stupid and filled with all those emotional and feeling-like hormones when I first read this book and loved the book but God gave me a second chance to read this book again and He also gave me the serenity to change my perception about this book. Frankly speaking, it was Pathetic, like really really Pathetic with a Capital-P. You have a choice in this world, I believe, about how to tell stories and that’s the way how I put it: Things that compelled me to change the way I look at this book A. it is said that, this book is romantic and filled with staccato bursts of humor, if that’s what they think is romance and humor, God forbid, I don’t wanna live on this planet. B. Some childish and peevish idea with which Hazel looked at life like, why are breakfast foods is called breakfast food. C. You know what really sucked? The writing of The Fault in our Stars. You know what really sucked apart from the writing of TFIOS? Dying. You know what really sucked apart from dying? Dying while reading the writing of TFIOS. Ffs What’s with all the metaphors. With so redundant metaphors, It made me forgot what metaphor truly meant. Notes for the future, Killing a protagonist in the end doesn’t make the ending worth remembering or the book emotionally likeable. And D is for those who happen to understand A, B and C.

The only thing which was exciting was, Peter Van Houten, but that character rock. I believe he is the most hated fictional character after he deliberately, in disdainful approach, made Oh-So-Hazel feel insulted. But I mean like, seriously, some mysteries (ending of An Imperial Affliction) are better to be left unsolved. Cuz once the magician shows its tricks, it’s not magic anymore. If today I happen to know what is a Bermuda Triangle or Crop circles or how the Egyptian pyramids were built, I wouldn’t bother telling the world or even a single soul because that will simply take the beauty out of it.