I see two people in love

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I see two people in love
Shy glances
Out of the corner of their eyes
Their throbbing sighs
As their fingers brushed accidentally
And then the firm handshake
Of warmth touch
And a longing to hold each other for eternal.
When their eyes collided
Two imperfect universes broke loose
Out of their chains
Thousands of birds danced on their own
All the sufferings
All the lonely nights
All the thirst for touch
Flying to their eternal home.
The sob of wind wandering down the hills
Spreading the fragrance of two hearts
The leaves swayed with ecstasy
The desert burst into flood of water
The stars throbbed with flames of love.
Finally, the dark blue nights started making sense
A night of whispering love sighs
When two lips met for eternity.
Veil after veil
Two souls bloomed in the spring of their hearts
Colors of life restoring with each glance
Remaking the dawn with its antique pattern
The moon bowed down to kiss their foreheads
Heaven glorified their love

But there is something else I see
A man of constant sorrow
Sitting afar on a lonely chair
Looking at the two nightingales
Holding a conversation with my tears
And a sacrificed heart
With a dying soul
In the name of love
Who wasn’t the one holding her hand
I saw beginning and end together alone
When I saw two people in love