Rusted Bench

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rusted bench.jpg

This brown rusted bench
Reminds me of you.
How we sat together
Hands in hands
Near the lake shore of Ravi
Our cold breaths colliding with our passion
In the month of hot April
Looking over the horizon.
But as I stole my glance from it
And looked into your heavenly eyes
I realized that I was born to look in them.
In those eyes
I saw someone
Staring back at me
Breathing into infinity
For in that second I found myself
For in that single second
I traveled into myself
For in that moment
I was completely Free


Beauty and the Beast

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Amazing Sunrise At The End Of A Country Road HD Desktop Background
“If you want to be reminded of the love of the God, just watch the sunrise.. Which is the most precious gold to be found on Earth”


As the caller says azaan,
As the cook cook-roo-croo,
As the silence is disturbed by the movement of the awaken creatures,
As the people head to mosque,
As the recitation can be heard,
As the stars and moon are still visible,
As the clouds cannot be seen

The wind brought a silent message,
the sky is telling a little story,
the sky is half dim and half pitch dark,
half sky is telling the story of a new day while the other half is telling the story of the previous night,
the stars are hiding and the moon has started running,
it seems they all are telling me of something

I saw just a corner of sky brighten up,
I saw a flicker of something which seems to be smiling,
it looks innocent and shy,
it looks like a pure beauty,
I saw clouds forming a structure of complexed layers,
I heard the whispering of wind getting stronger,
This cold breeze is freezing me up to my bones,
I listen to the chirping of the birds,
I sensed they all seems to be excited and overjoyed by something,
this smile is turning into a laugh and is getting bigger and bigger,
the birds flashes by my ear and I heard SUN

As the sea has long and distant boundaries,
But this navy blue sky above our heads is unbounded,
The plane way above my head, in this pure navy blue sky, looks like a small boat in an ocean,
Sun with the passage of time is showing the flames of madness burning inside it,
Sun is becoming a big ball of flame, a Beast,
Sun with time, is showing its power,
it’s hard to hold onto your gaze,
even the most egotistic person bow their eyes,
Sun with its golden wings is covering the whole sky,
Wind and birds are showing the glory of the sun,
Sun is shining as brightly as it has nothing to lose,
Everything seems to be in perfect order

I can see the smiles across the faces of the birds,
sky seems to be alive once again after the dark night,
Everything lit up with the golden rays of the sun,
it gives beauty to the sky with its golden wings,
the flight of the eagle is filled with passion and compassion,
the wind has become alive once again,
Everything lit up except the faces of Creature called “human”,
This “human” can feel the presence of sun but not its existence,
First golden light of sun is Heaven and,
Human seems to be the only one missing the first ray of heaven

Sun is the hand while the whole sky is it’s fingers,
This hand is controlling the whole sky,
The wind has suddenly stopped,
the songs of the birds cannot be heard,
clouds seems to be in trance,
stars have hid behind the clouds,
It seems the whole nature is bowing in the Glory of the Sun..
The whole nature is quite and admiring the Beauty of the Beast…